Important News: Closing the Company
After two years in the service of our employees, a changing personel situation of our CEO has unfortunately made closing the company without alternatives. Hence, the Tivig GmbH is currently in closure. At this time we cannot accept additional work.
Who We Are
Tivig GmbH is a small, innovation focussed company, specialised in aerospace engineering. Our employees have been working within the aerospace industry for more than a decade, in large companies such as Airbus, as well as with smaller suppliers. And we all love to challenge the ordinary, the expected, to innovate and to think outside the boxes we so readily build around ourselves.

We are a small but strong team, composed of members from varied European cultural backgrounds, with a thorough understanding of how complex intercultural interaction can be. We are used to working within international environments, communicating in different languages and adapting to different social, economical and cultural environments. Most of us have studied, lived and worked in different countries thoughout our career, experiencing first-hand just how diverse our nations are. And finally we are all parents and have mastered this life changing experience for the better.

What We Do
We love challenges. And short deadlines. And most of all, we love when something is impossible to achieve. Our employees have been working in strongly competitive environments, in large and small companies; we all understand that when we create a new design, when we deliver an offer or when we analyse technical requirements we need to be quick, thorough and think outside trodden paths. It is what we do and what we love.

While our speciality is aerospace engineering, we have access to a number of other qualifications, such as meteorology, international relations and robotics. At the core we offer services around aircraft cabins, ranging from pre-studies all the way to final delivery and acceptance of the item. Some of the services we provide are:
  • Feasibility studies for physical cabin items, for new designs and modification.
  • Cost reduction analysis and proposals (value analysis method) for existing products.
  • Counselling for certification possibilities, compliance with airworthiness requirements etc.
  • Supporting the offer process with risk / cost / benefit analysis of e.g. OEM provided documents. Establishing of compliance matrices, engineering effort estimation and similar. Both for purely technical subjects as well as for production of physical items. We can also establish complete offers, incl. breakdown structures (resources, work, product), technical, commercial and programme management offers.
  • Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) tasks for aircraft cabins.
  • Technical product inspection for end customers.